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Gilbert CSD

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The Lunch Lady Sandwich

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Gilbert CSD


Gilbert, IA

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Gilbert CSD is Submitting a Lunch Lady Sandwich. The recipe is a happy Lunch Lady Sandwiched between Child Hunger and the ability to pay. When I am asked a question as simple as “Why should you win this contest?” It causes my brain to go into overdrive! Why? Because Gilbert CSD is the best school district for students and staff, period- end of story! Our District is amazing. If you were new to our school, you would not notice in the cafeterias the difference between our different levels of meals pays. All students are welcomed and encouraged to have a meal. All students are encouraged to express their desires as to what they want to have on their school menus, that means that at times our meal cost may appear to be slightly high but the volume of meals consumed makes up the difference. The lunch program at Gilbert is also extremely lucky as we have great support from the School Board and all of Administration. But the real reason for submitting this is for our families that are less financially able to pay for extras. Our students that are on free and reduced are never declined a meal as well as never declined a second entree. All of my staff can tell you on a Monday morning or after a holiday break who are thee students that are first into the cafeteria when the kitchen opens. I respectfully submit this brief note! Please select us, or select us all in your own way to help in fighting childhood hunger!