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Fallbrook Union High School District

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Sweet & Spicy Peanutty Chicken Wrap

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Fallbrook Union High School District


Fallbrook, CA

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Fallbrook High School is located in a small farming community best known for its self-proclaimed title, the Avocado Capital of the World. Approximately 68% of our students come from low-income families. The town of Fallbrook has a very diverse population including an extensive military presence and a high population of migrant families. We are a small but mighty district that believes in providing our students the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious meals possible, despite the financial challenges faced by school nutrition programs. Approximately 90% of our lunch and supper meals and 50% of our breakfast meals are scratch or speed scratch. We are very active in the Farm to School community and currently work with approximately 8-10 different farmers and organizations throughout the county. We embrace students with special dietary preferences and have a growing plant-forward, vegetarian and vegan program. Our Sweet & Spicy Peanutty Chicken Wrap recipe came from our wonderful principal, Mrs. Lauren Jones. It is a beautiful wrap made with lots of fresh vegetables, chicken, and nuts. It is very easily adaptable to different types of vegetables, nuts or tortillas. A tomato basil tortillas makes for a beautiful presentation. Our students enjoy spicy foods so we use the Nashville Hot Tenders from Tyson FoodService, but it could be created with any type of chicken tenders or USDA chicken strips. Thank you Mrs. Jones for sharing your recipe with us